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Pixtury is an online gallery of wall decor prints animated by a community of artists, photographers and graphic designers. Selling online your photos, paintings and digital art is easy: we will take care of promoting them through our sales channels and produce the prints purchased by our customers from your pictures. For each print of your artworks you sell you will receive 10% of the total sale price of the print. For more information, please read our Terms and conditions.

Sell prints of your
works online

How to sell photos, paintings and digital art

You can sell prints of your artworks following these simple steps:
1. Create a profile and upload your artworks
2. Choose a title and the appropriate categories
3. Write a short description to tell the story behind the artwork and capture the viewers’ attention
Easy, right? All you have to do is share your gallery and show your paintings, your photos or your digital art to the world!

The management of the rights of your works

All the works presented on the Pixtury website by the artists, the painters, the photographers and the graphic designers of our community remain the property of the authors. Uploading your works on your profile, you will grant to Pixtury the non-exclusive right to sell your work in your name and on your behalf. This right is revocable at any time simply by deleting your works from your profile.

Artwork ratings

The ratings from our algorithm determine the success of each artwork: a value between 1 and 5 measures the popularity of each artwork and influences its position within the gallery, increasing the probability of it being noticed and purchased. Additionally, based on the level of involvement in the Pixtury community, each artist, photographer and graphic designer has a personal status which influences the rating of every artwork put up for sale.

Our community of art, digital and
graphic design and photography

The photo, art and graphic design community

Create your personal profile and join the Pixtury art community, in which you will meet other artists, photographers and graphic designers and will be able to follow your favourites more closely. Your opinion is the best way to support the works on display. Leave your comments on the best artworks and give tips and advice to the authors. And don’t forget to share your artworks and activities on your social network pages, you will contribute to growing our community and increase the visibility of your works.

Our contests

At Pixtury you can take part in many contests to stimulate your creativity and test your skills. An online contest is a fun way to challenge yourself and dedicate time to your passion. Getting votes and winning the contest, the rating of your photos will increase and so their visibility within our gallery.

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